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Catching up

Ok, so I've slacking on these blogposts, however a lot has been going on since the last one back Where to start?

Looking at the calendar (since I'd forgotten) there was a work session Oct 17 to Nov 8, then another Dec 9th through Xmas eve. The main focus for these Fall & winter trips is the interior; continuing the revamping of the aft cabin and slowly working my way forward

After getting the Stb side of the aft cabin prepped and 1st coat on, then it was time to work on the overhead, which I unfortunately didn't get good pics of:

Then it was on to the "cubbies"; the storage compartments that dad had put in when he had flushed over the cockpit and built the aft cabin. It turns out that aside from storage, the cubby structure can work as a structural reinforcement for the new mainsheet traveler position in the cockpit. More on that in a later blog, however a new longer boom has been found (thanks to Quinn Olson and Northwest Rigging!). Anyhow, I did some serious lightening of the cubby structure, cutting out excess thick plywood here & there, and covering the fwd faces with a 1/8" thick veneer of aircraft grade birch plywood (great stuff). Here's the Stb side:

Then the port side:

Note that there's only one coat of paint on all the updated surfaces for now. A finishing coat (or coats) will be down the road after finalizing more structural details. For instance I still have more carbon laminating to do around the rudder bearing housing...but one thing at a time..

I hope everyone had a great Xmas and NY's. The next Project Improbable work trip is coming up; Jan 14 to Feb 12 or so. Drop me a note if you want to visit and see the progress in person!

Smooth seas


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