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Project Improbable - The Details...


I know you’re wondering; “So what in the heck is that crazy guy Bruce doing to that boat?!” Well, it’s a long story. Some of the general history and philosophy is in the intro video, however here we will get
into more of the details of each and every area of the project.

Overview of the vision:
Basically, I want to make Improbable as fast as possible, while also optimizing for:

1) Shorthanded sailing, which includes deck layout and rigging changes to facilitate optimizing the
sails as weather conditions change.

2) Greatly improved steering, for easier control while helming along with vastly reduced energy
consumption while under autopilot control. The new rudder configuration will be much less
drag and several hundred pounds lighter.

3) Fuel efficiency, by utilizing an OceanPlanet Energy (OPE) integrated energy system with
powerful alternator charging, lithium batteries, all-electric galley (induction cooktop, etc.)

4) Strength & durability, in keeping with Improbable’s fabulous original structural philosophy.


So, follow the links to different aspects of the project to get deeper into the philosophy, plan,
challenges, and progress of each area. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But as I readily admit, I can’t help myself.









Hull & Keel


Mast, Mast Rigging, & Sails

Electronics & Navigation


Rudder & Steering

HPI installed BoatRX-m.jpg

Engine & Energy Systems


Deck Layout & Deck Rigging


Galley, Amenities, Interior

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