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Consolidating gear....

Report from project Improbable...

I've been stuffing the recently acquired cheap beater 97 extended cargo van with all that I can fit into it from the expensive storage place. Trying to get everything out of storage before I fly back to Maine on Wednes! Never enough time... Dad had so much memorabilia, old video cameras, and endless Improbable gear that I've been trying to whittle down. It's not an easy process! Took a bunch of stuff to a huge marine salvage place up in Lyndon. Gave away the two kerosene stoves/ovens to a sea scout troop. Donated piles of paper charts and books to a very unique marine hardware store in Anacortes.

Selling an old-school Alpine CD player/changer/equalizer on eBay, and also a cool 40's Hamilton military navigation watch. Still have to find more space!

Hoping that my friend Arne Hammer can fit some stuff into a place on Whidbey Island.

At least I'm getting over the bad cold I had for over a week. Feels like I've lost much of my fitness, and over this whole month I was only able to work on the boat for a couple of days. There were complications with Star Car (dead battery, needed a new alternator), and finding an affordable cargo van that would still run took up a lot of time. But hopefully it will pay for itself in just a year, vs the rental storage place fees..

The pics below were taken before it was actually filled up. I forgot to take pics afterwards!

Next amazing day at Port Townsend....

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