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A busy and productive month!

Well, I'm back in Maine now. Need to get a minor surgery on July 25th, then will plan my return to Improbable in August. But for what it's worth, and for your entertainment, here's a rough summary of the progress from May 13 through June 17, with some "before" and after shots:


Great progress. From the really rough wood that was left after the removal of the old colossal aluminum headstay thing, now the bow is structurally finished. Wood was sealed up, G10 plates installed for the modified headstay chainplate (that came off the old race boat Wall Street Duck) to seat up against, and the whole front has been faired in, primed, and 1st coat of paint done. The deck where the chainplate sticks through has been reinforced, and G10 rods glued in for the cover plate fasteners.

Foredeck hatch:

Had to do some structural modifications to get the new hatch to fit. Fortunately was able to repurpose half of a previously removed laminated kauri beam for filling in the necessary space, and the hatch pivot bolts. Sliced the other half of the old beam into two pieces to serve as stiffeners along the underside of the hatch. Got it all epoxied, primed, and hatch is now fully installed!


It has come a long way since 2018...the crosslinked winch system removed, hydraulic panel, etc. has been removed, and several structural changes too numerous to describe. Have now added the pads for the primary winches, the G10 adapter plates for mounting new Ritchie compasses in the old Danforth compass holes (couldn't get the Danforth rebuilt, so had to replace). Teak has been injected with epoxy wherever there was space underneath, etc. G10 rods installed where the 4x Antal deck blocks will be installed for allowing various windward sheeting options.


Got both sides painted with prelim coat of "Rochelle" red. Will need at least two more coats but that will be after a lot of other stuff gets done. Next time out I hope to get the final carbon skin laid up over the new rudder "fill" area, and the interior carbon laminate around the rudder bearing built up as well.


Waterat (Larry Tuttle) has been waiting a couple years for me to send $. I don't have it (the $) yet, so could this detail could be a while....

Mast (Farr 40 mast that will be adapted):

Well, it sitting there waiting for me to get to it. That will be a project, as I need to move both the boom & vang brackets down a foot or so. Will need to install a staysail attachment point. Several various rigging odds & ends need to be found (such as the threaded headstay attachment thingy, spreader tip cups, tangs, etc.), and the whole thing will need priming/painting/etc.

Lot's of other plans are gelling (including tons on the interior, etc.) however we'll get to all that in due time, starting when I return...hopefully in August after the medical stuff...

Smooth seas


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