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Buzz Bomb

It was a short trip, however managed to get some traction on a couple of the many Improbable projects. I'm now back in Maine, plotting my next escape back to the boat...;-)

Main progress was

1) Inside the transom, along with finishing the reinforcement for the upper rudder bearing,

2) Building a new bow roller that will double as a tack attachment for asymmetrical spinnakers, etc. And,

3) Progress on the deck layout/design, including lighter winches, stanchions, leads, etc.

Transom progress pics:

Another coat to be applied on the next trip, and those areas will be looking like they're supposed to. And will start working my way forward; have to prep & paint the rest of the inside of the boat, eventually!

And here's the bow roller progress; I cut the end off (with a sawzall!) of the roller that dad had put on the boat (which was too heavy for my taste, of course), trimmed it to shape, drilled a bunch of lightening holes, and then had Jim (Betts) weld on the lower plates that will tie it to the bow:

It won't get actually bolted on until after deck painting is done. And yes, the roller itself gets put in...;-)

Also did some more whittling down inside the bow:

Of course there was progress on other fronts, but that's all the time we have for today...;-)

Smooth seas


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