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Visible progress

Back in Maine as of yesterday afternoon. Didn't sleep at all on the red-eye flight, but I did get to watch a couple of movies...;-)

This was a productive trip. In the last blog you saw pics of work in progress, so you can compare these pics to those:

All the white will be getting at least one more coat, which will make a big difference. Here's a video tour:

And while all that was going on, the test setup for the new lifeline stanchions mounting system was getting sorted out. Before I flew back, I got to do a quick stress test to ensure it really works:

The next Improbable work trip starts on March 21...through April 11.

A quick shout out and thank you to Jim Betts Enterprises ( for the ongoing hosting of Project Improbable, and admirably tolerating my both my questions and crazy ideas...

Also to Quinn Olson of Northwest Rigging ( and wife Mandy for letting crash at their wonderful place on Samish Island. A really beautiful area, and quite the scenic drive from there to the boat in Anacortes...:-)

Till the next trip,


PS: I don't mention it often, however at some point I'll need to raise at least $100k to finish Project Improbable. Perhaps by bringing aboard a partner or partners in the boat (who want to do some racing & cruising with me) or perhaps I'll do a Patreon page eventually. Open to any brilliant ideas...

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